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Who was Taraki Sivaram?

                        Sivaram: The Assassin By Dr. Rajan Hoole                                                                                   UTHR(J) Many who have lavished praise on Sivaram since his murder knew him at arm’s length and communicated with him in English. To them he was an articulate and erudite companion and a worthy sparring partner. This carried also the danger that in the cultural milieu of Colombo where acceptance of the LTTE is seen as the way out, to say ‘Sivaram is my friend’ was also an easy means to ignore the inconvenient side of the Tamil experience.  It would however be very wrong to ignore the other, more intense, side of Sivaram’s life. One way or the other, Tamil militancy, its beliefs and goals consumed the bulk of his life. Some were awed by his intellectual prowess, others by his deep knowledge in Tamil National history and especially this knowledge of Eastern history. Many Tamils who were concerned about the direction of the Tamil Struggle had ta